Centre International de Neurobiologie Appliquée selon Dr. Klinghardt
International Center for Applied Neurobiology according to Dr. Klinghardt
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Applied neurobiology after Dr. Klinghardt


Dr Med. Dietrich Klinghardt, Seattle, USA

In the conventional medicine the field of specialisation in psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) deals with the relation between the psyche, the autonomous nervous system and the biological organism. PNI describes the way the psyche controls the immune system via the autonomous nervous system and the brain.

                An antibody, main element of the human immune system.

Based on the scientific knowledge in this area we have been able to find out that the psyche not only controls the immune system via neurology but also various other biological functions.

To achieve this widened context also in its designation we call it psycho-neuro-biology. And since it is not only about a scientific theory but about an applied science we call this area applied psycho-neurobiology (APN).

Five levels of work

A matter of muscular tonus

Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

To conclude

Five levels of work

The philosophical basics of our healing system are going to be described in our 5-body model in which an integration of all so far known healing methods is being done. The model differentiates  five levels:
  1. the physical level: on one hand interventions in the area of biochemistry have an effect on it, e.g. with gifts of medicaments, vitamins, trace elements, herbs and on the other hand interventions on a structural level: direct influence of the body through measures such as surgery, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, etc
  2. the energetic level: it is being achieved through interventions which influence the energy body, such as acupuncture and neural theryapy
  3. the level of the mental body: psychotherapy, homeopathy and mental field therapy work in this area
  4. the transpersonal level: domain of influence of hypnotherapy and shamanism
  5. the level of religion and spirituality (private domain)

The philosophy of our treatment is based on a vertical healing system that consists in five levels.

In the applied psycho-neurobiology we work with the first four level. The combination of the first and second one form the area of neurobiology after Dr Klinghardt. It deals with the influence of the neuronous structures in the brain, in the central nervous system and in the autonomous nervous system to the biological functions of the organism.

The third and fourth level are superior, the psycho-neurobiology deals with them.

Model of the illnesses:the symptoms hide surprising elements.

A matter of muscular tonus

Another difference between our school and other schools is our use of a variation  of the muscle test as a diagnostic method. We developed it a certain way so that it is possible to state for the treatment important facts. We use the body as its own biofeedback instrument.
Instead of connecting a gadget from the patient to the person performing the treatment as some methods of biofeedback require in order to get the tonus of the autonomous nervous system, we use the

It is well-known that the autonomous nervous system takes part in the regulation of the muscle tonus which is raised when the sympaticustonus is raised and it is low when the sympaticustonus is low. In our testing system we make this tonus difference, perceptible for the patient as well as for the person performing the treatment.

For amateurs our test might look similar to other kinesiological testing methods though there is a foundational difference in theory as well as in application. Other kinesiological school consider the sensory and motor innervation of the neuromuscular spindle from where specific testing sequences and interpretations of the results come to light.

In our school on the other hand the autonomous innervation of the Muskelspindel is emphasized. That is the reason the muscle test has to be performed in a different way. Therefore the testing sequence and the interpretation options turn out differently. We think that this method is way more reliable and significant than other methods.

Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

To clear up that we take care of the autonomous changes of the muscle tonus we call this part of our testing procedure Autonomic Response Testing (ART). Through testing the strength of a test muscle the state of the autonomous nervous system is registered.

Afterwards the organism is set under different kinds of stress, through vibration of micro organisms for example or mechanical through pressure to the tissue or through overstretching a joint and thereby the test is being recurred. If such a challenge is considered as stressor by the system it reacts to it with a change which will show during the testing.

Through directed and systematic test sequences statements about the condition of the organism can be made, in which it is possible to name the strain of harmful substances as well as the strains’ quality and quantity through micro organisms and also those which develop through mental strain.

                                                   ART is based on muscular response.

Our test system also enables a kind of biofeedback therapy in which every therapeutic step or short sequences of a therapeutic dialog can be examined if they will lead to a solution of the conflict or not. This part of the method, meaning the cooperation of ART and our comprehension of psycho neurobiology, led to a development of various sub methods.
Those are psycho kinesiology, mental field therapy, and systematic psycho kinesiology.

Shortly summarized our method consists of three central elements:
  1. A diagnostic procedure which resembles other bioenergetic methods and yet  presents a self-contained procedure
  2. The option to recognize that chronic diseases on the biological level often have their cause on other levels, to search there for the cause and to find solutions
  3. The possibility to solve tension conditions in the energetic, emotional and mental area

To conclude

The experiences made in the USA show that we often succeed with this treatment method where other methods could not succeed.
At failures of therapy where kinesiology, electro acupuncture, psycho therapy and other bio energetic procedures could not succeed our method often brings an important change because we put the focus to the autonomous nervous system and we use the muscle test as biofeedback procedure.

Out method has also been influenced of the knowledge of Dr Yoshiaki Omura (New York) who has been describing and proving the resonance phenomenon between substances in the last 30 years and published his results in scientific publications. This is in universities in Japan widely accepted and it becomes more and more important.

However, we have a different view on it. Our kind of muscle test as well as the inclusion of knowledge concerning the energetic level and psyche and the higher spiritual levels differs from Dr Yoshiaki Omura’s method.

Some micro-organisms are the cause of many troubles, although they are not diagnosticated as so by occidental     traditional medicine.

All this leads to other therapeutic interventions. In the USA we have been able to show that their therapeutic success is superior to other methods. Our method can not just be subordinated to other already existing methods, but it claims to be an independent procedure in which the newest scientific knowledge is constantly integrated.


Dr. med. D. Klinghardt
P.O. Box 5023, Bellevue, WA 98009